Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Los Alcazares Street Art

These photos are all of street art in & around Los Alcazares. If you have driven or walked around Los Alcazares at anytime you will have seen some, or all of these pieces of art. Some of them where only temporary & have been removed, some were damaged by the storms in 2017 & can no longer be seen. That said I have so far discovered more than 140 pieces of street art in Los Alcazares.

If you would like to see the art work but don't remember seeing it, I will be adding the street address to each photo, so that you can find it. If I find a piece of art has been removed or damaged & no longer visible I will also say that it is no longer visible.

Click on any image to see a full size image & details of where in Los Alcazares the piece of street art is.

Photos of Los Alcazares street art.

Monday, 22 January 2018