Flooding in Los Alcazares rambla.

LA Floods.

Los Alcazares has just had another flood warning and heavy storms. I went for a walk to see how bad it was after getting up & deciding it was safe enough to do so. The good news is it isnt as bad as last time, the bad news is that some areas have again been affected by the heavy rain in Los Alcazares.

Photos of flooding in LA, December 2019.

Videos of flood waters in LA, December 2019.

This short video shows flood waters in the rambla where the Tuesday Market is held in Los Alcazares.


This short video shows the flood waters from the storm flowing into the Mar Menor from Los Alcazares past damage done by the previous storm in September 2019.

This video shows a small boat being buffeted by strong winds & the sea after it has been pushed ashore by the recently rebuilt boat launch in Los Alcazares.