Remains of chiringuito El Lobo.

LA Bar Thefts.

When I got up this morning, although cold it was nice & sunny. As I ventured out onto my balcony overlooking the Mar Menor, I was shocked & horrified to see a crime actually happening right in front of my eyes.

As I watched unable to do anything about it, apart from grab my camera & take photos of the crime as it happened, my local chiringuito was loaded on to a lorry & driven off.

I was amazed my such a brazen theft, carried out in daylight with many onlookers to witness it happen. Even the bar owner and some of the staff seemed unable to do anything to stop this bar theft. Speaking to the bar owner, Andrew, I was appalled to hear that his bar was not the only bar that this has happened to this week.

Bar theft.

I jumped on the Sharky mobile in a vain attempt to catch & apprehend the thief but was unable to catch them as they had a huge 30 second head start on me. Not even the Sharky mobile with its added rocket booster speed could have caught these criminals & in a state of disbelief I decided to go for a ride along the beachfront.

To my horror I witnessed the diabolical theft of many beach bars along the beachfront. Some leaving behind just marks in the sand where they had once stood, others in a state of being dismantled to be whisked away by these brazen beach bar bandits. I was unable to get any pictures of these criminal masterminds but hope that maybe a reader of this blog can help put a face & a name to the dangerous blaggard's that have removed our towns chiringuitos from our beaches.

Plot of beach without the stolen bar.

I did manage to get in to the local town hall and interview a representative for the town hall about the thefts. Local council spokesman Ayee Avna Laiff said he couldn't comment on the thefts themselves other than to say 'The local police have a good lead & we guarantee we will get the removed premises put back'.

This reporter can only hope that it doesn't take days, weeks or even months for them to catch up with the pesky chiringuito thieves & that I will soon be able to have breakfast at my local Chiringuito El Lobo again. Until then, in a protest against the thefts, I refuse to go swimming until they are put back.