Debris in the street.

LA  flooding.

On the 12th, 13th & 14th of September in 2019 Los Alcazares was again hit by some very large & frightening storms. These photos & videos show some of the streets that were turned to rivers in Los Alcazares & some of the clean up that will be required in the area. These are only limited as some areas are not yet clear enough for me to get to take photos but when they are I will update this page.

Stay safe everyone in Los Alcazares, the surrounding areas & anyone affected by the terrific storms.

 Photos of Los Alcazares after the storm.

Videos of the roads turned to rivers during the storms.

This video shows how badly the streets in Los Alcazares were flooded. 


This video shows the flooding outside my apartment, looking across the square to the sea.

This video is being shown courtesy of my friend Mark Magee.