Los Alcazares has, for the last six years held a 'Ruta de la Tapa' where lots of the local restaurants produce a special tapas for people to try.

This special tapas is served with a small beer or a glass of wine & many locals & visitors try as many of the beautiful food dishes as they can during the eighteen days it is held for. Last year I missed the event as I was in America but this year I have been out with several different groups of people trying the food & have really enjoyed the great food & everyone's company on the 7th 'Annual Ruta De La Tapas'.

Tapas Restaurants.

The restaurants I visited this year during the Tapas route include.

  • Restaurant La Encarnacion.
  • Restaurant Momentos
  • Restaurant La Tropical
  • Los Barriles
  • Cafeteria Juan Navarro
  • Restaurant Ramons
  • Restaurant El Chato
  • Restaurant Marea
  • Restaurant La Serana Golf
  • Venta El Puerto 3
  • La Taperia Mediterranea
  • Cafe Bar El Chispazo
  • Cafeteria Isidro
  • Bar Camaleon
  • La Casa de Papel
  • La Peora Tapas

Photos of the tapas I ate.