I had spoken to my friends & family that live in Los Alcazares about the Tapas routes that they have been on but I had never been on one.

This was my first & I went with friends both old & new. We all met at the La Encarnación bar & hotel on the beach front at 3 in the afternoon.

On meeting at La Encarnación we were contacted by a few others so before going in to La Encarnación for a Tapas we changed the first venue & walked along the beach to Mementos bar where we started our tapas crawl. We went to many bars & restaurants during the day, evening, night & finished in the early hours of the morning. The following are the places that I visited with my friends today on my first tapas route.

  1. Momentos: Here I had a steak roll with a small beer. It was very nice & a good start to the day.
  2. LA Tropical: Here I had a cold strawberry soup with anchovies. It sounded awful but I had decided to try all of the tapas what ever I thought they might be like. I was glad I did as it tasted very good. Another small beer washed it down nicely.
  3. El Santo Baron: In El Santo Baron I had a steak & mushroom kebab with a honey mustard sauce & a few chips. It was again washed down by a small beer. The kebab was really good and the meat just melted in my mouth. I would highly recommend it to anyone else.
  4. Bariloche: In Bariloche the tapas was actually a cocktail. The whole group of us were given a cocktail made of gin, melon & tonic. It did not last long and we were soon on our way.
  5. Las Cazuelas De Juli II: In this bar the tapas was 'Frutos  de Mar' or 'Fruits of the sea'. This consisted of  a dish with prawns, crab & octopus in a white sauce, covered with melted cheese. This I washed down with a small beer.  It was the best so far & I would recommend it to anyone. It was here that the wine that many of the party were drinking began to kick in & some of the groups singing voices began to loosen up.
  6. La Encarnación: In La Encarnación the tapas was mushroom in  white sauce served wrapped in ham served on a pastry crust. Although it tasted really good and looked good it still reminded me of a posh mushroom vol-au-vent. It was washed down again with a small beer. Whilst here a singer & guitarist began to play & we were lucky to be here during happy hour & managed to get a pint at half price as well as our tapas. The wine, beer & cocktails had began to have an affect on more of the group & more singing was shared with other customers. Whilst here we came across another group of people including my cousin Jill with her husband & friends.
  7. Juan Navarro: In Juan Navarro the tapas was again very good, it was two small pieces of steak topped with cheese & a honey sauce & was washed down with a small beer.
  8. Los Barriles: As we approached the bar Los Barriles we were cheered on by tourists on the tourist train that was passing & some now well oiled voices began to sing with more vigour. We sat outside of the bar in a covered area & had a tapas of steak with potatoes & a honey sauce. The singing here carried on & a large 10 gallon hat was procured from inside the bar with everyone having their photo taken wearing it. After this bar we lost a few of our party but the more hardy of us carried on to the next bar.
  9. Legends: Our numbers were reduced again here although we bumped into my cousins Jills party. The tapas here was a very small chicken wing with rice. Although it must have been a very small chicken & may even had been a gnats wing. My least favourite tapas so far. By now some of the party were singing with much gusto & whilst they were all drinking their wine I managed to sneak inside for a pint & a chat with my cousin Jill.
  10. Underground bar: By now the party was down to just 6 & although we realised that the Underground bar was not on the tapas route we ventured in for a pint as it would have been rude not to go in as we passed by. We were again joined by Jill & the remainder of her party. Whilst we were inside this bar, Jim managed to get his bike back from Vince & Jans apartment garage & after this bar he managed to make good his escape & cycled off in to the night.
  11. La Ponderosa: The remaining five in the group arrived in La Ponderosa around midnight for a tapas. The tapas here was a piece of toast topped with bacon, fried egg, two small potato pancakes and a green pepper. To anyone who may have been to the late night burger bars in England they would have recognised it as something to soak up the nights alcohol. It went down a treat and was washed down with another beer. We were also forced by the landlord here to partake of some free shots. The few of us remaining even managed to get a group photo before we entered the next day & made our way to the next venue. Unluckily for us the Parlour Irish bar had shut before we got there around 1 in the morning so we retraced our steps to go to a late night bar.
  12. Cocktail bar: Again this was not on the tapas route but we stopped for a few beers. Luckily the microphone that the karaoke singers were using was not turned up to loud. I enjoyed a few beers as Jan, Vince, Mo & Mick entertained the Spanish regulars with some renditions of their favourite songs. After singing a few songs & downing a few beers our numbers were again reduced as Jan & Vince returned home.
  13. Tiki Taka: Now down to just the three of us, myself, Mick & Mo went in to Tiki Taka, this would be our last stop on the tapas route. We would have had a cocktail but after a walk down the road in the early hours of the morning our brains had began to fall foul of the colder temperatures. We forgot they were doing a tapas cocktail & ended up having a few pints instead. Having forgot to have our cocktail here, we will have to go back to complete all of the tapas venues.

We finished part one of our tapas adventure around 3:15 in the morning, 12 hours after we started. We  have plans in place to begin again at my apartment around 3pm next Thursday. We had all had a great day, met some very nice people. visited some lovely bars & tried some really good food.

Links for the bars we visited today.

The links below are all to TripAdvisor reviews of some of the places I went to today.