Rambla filling with water.

The Rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain. The trouble is, after it has fallen on the plain, the mountains, the hills & everywhere else it then gathers in drain off ditches and collects in various places causing damage in localised areas.

I had to go to the Doctor this morning, when I went out it was not raining, when I came out half an hour later it was pouring. The streets in general where free but certain roads which the rain water drains into where unpassable and the town hall had already starting closing some of them off.

These couple of photos are very dramatic but do not take in to account that the rambla is designed as a run off and this is to be expected here. Whilst the rain is running off it is still good news. It is when the rain falls in such heavy bursts that it is unable to run off in to the Mar Menor or other bodies of water that problems really begin as flooding then begins to take hold.

Rain water collects and drains towards the Mar Menor.

Flat rooves are not known to be the best for heavy rain especially when leaves or rubbish block off drainage points. If you have a flat roof make sure the drainage points are clear and that water can run off easily.

The rain is continuing as I write and I hope that every one stays safe and has little damage, hopefully no damage at all. The Sharky mobile was able to traverse all main roads but as I have not checked out the 'submersible' functions that Q fitted for me last week, i did not attempt to cross the poerful streams of water flowing through the rambla towards the Mar Menor. I returned safe & sound to Sharky Towers & it is now parked safely in the Shark cave. 

The Sharky Mobile