Killer whale on the beach.

The month of November starts of with a sad story as the body of a beautiful Orca or Killer Whale is found washed up on the beach in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain.

The huge body of the Killer Whale was found by children playing at the Playa los Espejo in Los Alcazares. It was sad to watch as the children did their best to try and coax the animal back in to the sea. I watched as two of them picked the lifeless body up, ran into the Mar Menor with it & carried it out to deeper waters. Struggling in vain they literally dragged the large body around in the water trying to get it to swim on its own. Alas it was too late & after what seemed like hours nearby parents pulled their screaming children away from the Orca's carcass as it floated back onto the beach.

Local marine biologist Ivor Cawtuoutagen said that he believed the poor creature must have been dead for a while & that his initial investigation in to the whales death led him to believe that plastic poisoning was to blame. He went on to describe how the intake of plastics discarded by people on the beaches of the Mar Menor had caused the death of the killer whale, describing how the poor creatures skin was so badly infected that it now actually felt like plastic or rubber to his touch.

On a personal note, this reporter would hate to see any more of the Mar Menor's beautiful creatures wash up on the beaches. If you are at the beach & see any litter on the beach, no matter how small, pick it up & put it into one of the rubbish bins provided by the local town hall. Take your rubbish home & teach your children to clear up their own mess from the beaches.

If you want to help clean up the Mar Menor simply spend just two minutes doing a litter pick down on the beach, or if you can’t get to the beach then a litter pick anywhere will help to improve your environment.


The following are a few links to websites giving more information about saving the Mar Menor or to organisations working on the Mar Menor to help keep this magnificent natural treasure alive & well.

Save the Mar Menor petition.