This year there seems to be an upturn in muggings, robberies & general petty crime in Los Alcazares. Only this week two good friends were attacked & robbed on their way home by cowardly scum.

It seems that week after week people are being robbed at the markets by organized groups of pick pockets. Two women have even had their photos taken whilst in the act of robbing people on more than one occasion & yet these pathetic excuses for humans are still left free to carry on. How many of us wonder what is being done about these crimes. 

If one day the muggers pick on the wrong person, or are chased down by a passing good Samaritan, & restrained, will they be charged & detained or just released. If these criminals are chased down, after mugging or robbing someone & are hurt themselves, by the person they attacked or someone acting to help them, will the have a go hero be released & given a medal for stopping these criminals.

It seems to me that a few strategically placed cameras around the markets would soon capture the people responsible for the pick pocket crimes. This in turn would mean more people are happy to go to the local markets & spend their money locally, at cafes, restaurants & bars as well as the markets, rather than going to out of town stores.

The same cameras in certain areas could also stop the muggings or attacks on people on their way home from a meal or entertainment at the local restaurants, bars & hotels.

I don't for one minute think that the people making a living selling things to passers by on Rio Nalon are all responsible for these crimes but the amount of them, along with the pens outside the bars & restaurants there, obstruct peoples views & create plenty of places to wait & watch people hidden from sight. It is an easy place for the criminally minded to locate a target. An elderly or disabled person, a lady on their own or someone who may not notice as they have their belongings stolen in a 'distraction' crime. 

Even more amazing is the fact that the police station is at the top of the road & that the criminals feel confident enough of not being caught, by the police, that they carry out their crimes within a few hundred yards of the police station.

I have three questions for which ever authorities are responsible for local policing:

  1. What can we as citizens of this beautiful town, do to help catch the criminals, are there local crime watch groups?
  2. What are the elected representatives of our town, planning to do about these criminals, before someone is seriously hurt?
  3. How are the police going to make it easier for people to report crime without being made to feel as if they are wasting their time, or that it is actually worth reporting because something can be done about it.

I & all of my friends & neighbors expect to be able to walk around our town, day or night, on our own, with no fear of becoming the victim of crime. We also expect our homes to be safe from the theft of our goods & that criminals that carry out any injustice against us, are caught, prosecuted & punished swiftly. As a community I feel we need to put more pressure on the local authorities to act on these crimes & to force the criminal element to pack up & leave Los Alcazares, preferably after being tried and punished for any crimes they have committed.