Sailing ship Aphrodite.

When my mum was alive she used to delight in 'pinching & punching me' on the first day of each month. I would forget every month & she would delight in surprising me every time a new month rolled in. Since she passed I have continued this game with my sister, albeit from a distance as she still lives in England & I now live in Spain. It is easier for me as we are an hour in front but today I managed to get her again, I rang her this time, unusual as its normally done by message or email. She was surprised to hear from her 'little brother' & miffed as I had beaten her to the 'pinch' as it where.

After a long chat with my sister this morning I took the Sharky Mobile down to the La Encarnacion hotel & had my usual Tostado con Tomate, Cafe Bon Bon, & Naranja. The hotel has to be the best place in Los Alcazares for me to sit reading my kindle, or to meet other special agents to chat about upcoming missions. We can just blend in to the multitude of common people & tourists that go there, no one knowing that on the table next to them are some of the worlds greatest secret agents.

Breakfast was great as usual & it gave me the opportunity to spy on a suspected vessel moored offshore in the Mar Menor. It was suspected off carrying an elicit cargo of flat shoes, round cheese with holes in & bunches of colorful flowers. The vessel I was there to photograph was the sailing ship Aphrodite, a Dutch registered ship 30 metres by 7 metres. From Lelystad, which is the Capital City of the Dutch province of Flevoland, it shimmered, unattended, in the bright morning sun of another perfect day in Los Alcazares. I did manage to get a few good photos of the ship but was unable to apprehend any smugglers today.

After breakfast I had a slow ride back to the Sharky cave. I like to travel up & down the promenade at Playa los Espejo in Los Alcazares checking on the health of some of the people on the beach or walking up & down the promenade. I can say that today I did manage to see some very healthy specimens soaking up the suns rays but would like to remind the local wildlife that I am there if they need rescuing or just need sun cream applying.

Back at the Shark cave I rest up for the rest of the day, remembering to take the tablets that Q gave me this week, to combat the poison that the enemy mosquito injected me with last weekend. This evening I may be called out to monitor suspicious behaviour at a local bar where enemy agents are believed to be hanging out in the evenings, posing as football fans.

Stay safe out there people, Agent Sharky signing off.